Security featured ID Cards

Security featured ID cards are identification cards that are designed to have advanced security features to prevent identity theft, forgery, and other fraudulent activities. These ID cards usually include features such as holograms, HoloDesign, HoloImage, watermarks, invisible UV inks, microtext, guilloche printing and other advanced technologies to ensure authenticity and prevent copying or alteration. Security feature ID cards are commonly used in government agencies, financial institutions, healthcare facilities, and a wide variety of other organisations that require anything from moderate and up to high levels of security. They help keep sensitive information secure and ensure that only authorised personnel have access to restricted areas or sensitive data.

Ingenia Ltd offers a range of security feature ID cards to ensure the highest level of protection for businesses and organisations.
After over 40 years of operating Ingenia Ltd has built up an exceptional reputation in the industry, offering cost-effective and high-quality card printing services to a wide range of clients worldwide. Millions of individuals and organisations use and rely on Ingenia produced ID cards every day worldwide, helping to ensure the safety and security of their personnel and assets.

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