Specialist security printing

Unlock the benefits of bespoke card security

Apply anti-fraud and forensic security measures to your licenses, ID cards and security badges with Ingenia.

our commitment to security

The unsafe world we live in requires secure identification…

Our security printing capabilities on plastic cards are well known throughout the industry for applications ranging from organisation ID cards through to the highest level of security cards for government agencies such as driving licence or national ID cards.

Our products carry our reputation of quality with them giving you complete peace of mind that our product will perform the best in your unique environment. We can quite simply provide you the best available security card for your budget!

security features

A security design is created to counter forgery, and therefore needs a selection of overt features (that you can see without equipment) and covert features (that you cannot see without equipment) to create layers of security. Eventually a design is created that is either very hard or impossible to scan or recreate exactly.

personalisation features

Additional features that can also enhance security are available such as custom or stock overlay designs, image or text engraving and specially made holograms. Personalisation can be carried out using thermal, re-transfer, DOD inkjet, embossing, indenting, or laser technology. Encoding of mag stripes or the chips is available from our secure personalisation bureau.

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laser engraving
custom holograms
holographic overlay
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Laser image

You can add laser engraved images and designs to a card that will be applied directly to the surface of your product.

This distinct and difficult to reproduce effect is an excellent preventative measure against fraud.

Laser engraving

Apply laser engraved text, serial numbers, barcodes and more to your security documents.

Guarantee high security with hard-to-replicate design features added after the printing process which makes detecting fraudulent cards fast and simple.

custom holograms

A simple but effective method of increasing the security of your card. Choose from a traditional foil hologram or one of our budget alternatives like HoloDesign™ or HoloImage™ to apply a custom icon to your product that will be more difficult for fraudsters to reproduce.

holographic overlay

Adding a holographic overlay not only improves the security of your document but also its longevity.

Safeguarding it against wear and tear an overlay design, whether stock or custom, will protect other security features from damage under the surface of the card, while adding its own layer of security.

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By combining multiple security features on one design you can create a card that is significantly more difficult to counterfeit.

Your chosen personalisation options further enhance the security by adding bespoke elements to a design that are specially made just for your product.

features catalogue

Choose from a wide range of security features to create a secure design on any budget


A security design needs a number of features applied to counter forgery. Some of the simplest and most identifiable methods of a card’s design that makes it difficult to recreate are overt features. These can range from a simple HoloDesign™ or HoloImage™ all the way to a complex under-laminate and guilloche patterns. Ingenia can work with you to create a design that meets your budget while making your card as secure as possible.



Some of the hardest security features to counterfeit are those that cannot be detected without equipment. Covert security features can be included in your card’s design to drastically improve the layers of security that appear on the final product. This way you can create a design that is almost impossible to replicate.


Materials for ID

Cards are traditionally made from PVC, however for security, longevity or environmental reasons we offer a range of other materials. These include: