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Your journey from physical to digital credential issuance

One platform to manage your whole identity ecosystem, moving from physical to digital credential issuance and upgrading your estate in a controlled and measured time frame.


Ingenia is an identity products and systems provider for your current and future needs. With over 40 years’ experience in access control we can help transform your campus into a modern user of digital ID platforms. It couldn’t be easier with our step by step process that you can take at your own pace.

Identity starts with enrolment. The CardExchange® product suite is the perfect tool to allow your students to create their own digital credentials that you can then approve in real time. To begin making your estate compatible with a cloud based ID we can recommend the products that best suit your needs. Simplify your journey towards an intelligent campus with Ingenia’s seamless and secure ID enrolment procedure. Utilising the CardExchange® Cloud Suite, access to your digital realm is closer than you think.


Don’t get left behind!

We know that the transition from physical to digital can be daunting. As Identity solutions providers with over 40 years’ experience Ingenia has the knowledge to help you take your estate into the future.


Simplify Enrolment

Standardise photographs and data submission and carry out identity checks on the fly! Pave the way for digital credential issuance when the time is right for you.


Business as usual

Continue using physical cards until the preparations are complete. Ingenia can manufacture your ID cards for you or we can supply you with secure Entrust desktop card printers to guarantee security if you take production in house.


Start the migration

Begin switching over to digital card readers at your own pace. Choose from Ingenia’s range and continue to issue digital and physical credentials simultaneously.


Enjoy the results

Whether its 5 months or 5 years from when your journey started you can rest easy knowing your estate is future proofed and ready for digital ID.

Take the first step on your journey

It all starts with the software. The CardExchange® Cloud Suite presents a comprehensive collection of online solutions designed to streamline and enhance the management of credentials, perfectly tailored to fulfill the requirements of ID and card issuance within higher education environments.

Create the road map for your journey

Work with us to tailor the transition to suit you. Ingenia can conduct a full site map of your existing estate to identify what needs to change before you are ready to switch from physical to digital credentials. Next we can outfit your operation with any products needed to support the process you have chosen. Then we roll out access to a cloud based ID set up according to the schedule we build together.

Map your estate and take stock

Let Ingenia identify your current access control systems including locations, quantity and existing functions to create a comprehensive record of your campus.

It all starts with the software

Select the software and functions needed to get the most out of your access control and pair with the needs of your campus.

Choose your products

Select from Ingenia’s range of access control readers and desktop card printers to equip your estate with the tools to move forward.

Create a schedule for development

Work with us to future proof your system, plan out the steps you take to upgrade to cloud ID and make ready your estate for full digital migration.

Get the right tools for the job

In order to facilitate the migration to a digital ID platform your estate will need to be equipped with either Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Near Field Communication (NFC) readers. As an access control solutions provider Ingenia is well equipped to help you navigate the market and ensure that you get the products you need in order to successfully switch to a digital campus.

access control readers

Revolutionising access control

Choose from the latest in BLE & NFC card readers for your estate. Ingenia has a range of models and brands to pick from including HID & Wavelynx.

Lay the ground work for going digital and continue making use of physical credentials during the interim. Move at your own pace and switch to digital ID once we have equipped you to get the most of out of your new systems.

don’t know what to choose?

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There will always be a requirement for physical ID cards

Students will always need to be equipped with a physical credential to accompany any digital ID issued.

Ingenia is an official distributor of Entrust products. The Sigma range of desktop card printers are perfectly placed to support your operation with their high level of quality and reliability.

Their modular printer design allows for the effortless addition of security features and Ingenia’s selection of blank ID cards guarantees a quality supply of supporting products.

Get ready for the final step

By selecting the CardExchange® Cloud Suite you have already laid the foundation for making the switch to digital credentials. Once you are equipped with the products you need to support the full function of your cloud based ID system we can prepare for the last part of your journey to a modern education estate.

Build a set up that works for you

The highlights of Cloud Suite

A revolutionary SaaS product, the CardExchange Cloud Suite is a single eco-system for managing and using all your ID credentials and vertical applications. With a cloud solution keeping all your apps updated across all devices it has a first of its kind payment plan that lets you use all of the features the system has to offer and only pay for what you use, leaving edition levels a thing of the past.

CardExchange® Controller is an advanced, feature-rich online ID and credential management tool. It streamlines the entire ID lifecycle and allows for complete data personalisation.

The CardExchange® Press ID card designer centralises card issuance and ensures continuity in secure IDs. It offers top-notch data security and easy access from any device, backed by proven security features from a leading platform.

Single sign-on (SSO) lets users log in once to access multiple independent systems without re-authenticating. CardExchange® Secure provides SSO integration with the CardExchange® Cloud Suite, enhancing security.

An effective enrollment process needs mobile integration. The CardExchange® Stand is a self-service portal that pairs with our CardExchange® Controller, giving users fast and easy access to their accounts on phones, tablets, or desktops.

CardExchange® Bridge, paired with CardExchange® Controller, boosts data sync capabilities through three variants: Local, Connect, and API. It streamlines enrollment and card issuance by automating data management, minimising manual data imports and updates with tailored business rules and schedules.

CardExchange® Admin Center centralizes cloud application management, allowing customization to meet specific needs. Create business rules, workflows, and personalize with your logo. Control user access and actions with profiles and permissions, empowering you to manage effectively.

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