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Fast lead times, unmatched customer support and decades of experience. Your card will be made to the highest quality using the best tools and technology available.

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Build customer loyalty and enhance your brand

Our card builder allows you to compare prices instantly for multiple different materials, finishes, technologies and more!


Connect to and retain your most valued customers with a striking membership card.


Seasonal or year-round gift cards are a great marketing tool and bold point-of-sale item.


Making life simpler in the modern transportation industry, improving accessibility for all.


Reward returning customers with a card that showcases your brand and looks great in their wallet.


Passes for domestic or commercial applications. Improve security seamlessly.


The most convenient way to offer your guests secure access. Can be coded to various systems.


Can be paired with a lanyard for a secure and durable ticketing or access system.


Secure, quality ID card production, made for you or self made using our range of ID Card Printers.

Made of the right stuff

We offer a large range of materials for a variety of solutions

The material of a card can make all the difference from texture to durability and recyclable options. Explore our choice of materials and choose what’s right for you.

Standard PVC

The traditional industry standard for durable and flexible card manufacture. Ideal for any kind of overprinting for consistent results and high quality finish. Suitable for recycling and easy to clean or disinfect in medical applications.


Ingenia’s selection of eco-friendly alternatives to PVC are readily available to any customer looking to offset their environmental impact. From recycled materials to more sustainable choices, such as wood and board, PLANETECO has everything you need to reduce your carbon footprint and be greener.


The first of its kind the Enviricard® is a blank printable ID card made from paperboard
suitable for dye-sublimation overprinting. The Enviricard® is made using paperboard
and a biocoating that ensures the card is fully decomposable. The materials are sourced from a certified FSC forest that guarantees sustainability and is the only card awarded with the Plastic Free Trust Mark.


A high security material, Polycarbonate is best used when a card could be at risk of fraud. The inseparable layers created by the bonding process mean that anyone trying to create a counterfeit or tamper with the card will leave evidence.

Encapsulated Teslin

Best used for official credentials, Teslin cards have been the trusted substrate for governments and security agencies to enhance security for nearly two decades. The material is very flexible and doesn’t become brittle with low temperatures and has strong adhesion capabilities.


The stronger alternatives to PVC, PETIX & PETF cards are more durable and best applied in high-use scenarios like construction when wear and tear are a concern. They are also a fantastic choice if you decide to laminate your cards.


The premium sustainable choice, wood cards can be produced using laser engraving or overprinting. With a range of materials such as bamboo, maple and walnut it has never been easier to match your brand while being more eco-conscious.

Why choose us?

Quality and impeccable experience as standard

Ingenia operates over 4 sites globally, manufacturing in the UK – Birkenhead for Card manufacture, and Bristol for Secure Card Personalisation. We produce cards using the traditional Offset Litho method using our KBA Genius Presses. As well as with the newest technology via our HP Digital Indigo presses. We operate under ISO9001 manufacturing quality protocol, meaning what our customers receive is of the highest quality.

Digital Print

The most modern method of 4 colour process printing, digital print is fast, flexible and high definition. Due to the speed of turnaround possible, this press lies at the heart of our offer to clients.

Silk-Screen Print

A traditional printing process, silk-screen printing allows for vibrant colours and metallic effects and is required for laying signature panels, and other security features such as Optically-Variable-Infrastructures.

Offset Litho Print

This printing method is still widely regarded as the highest quality method of printing. Used for printing spot colours, it is an essential method for security documents that require guilloche patterns and microtext.

Foil Print

Foil stamping allows for the application of special effects for gift & loyalty cards or security requirements such as foil stamps, holograms, HoloDesigns and HoloImages.

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Our card builder allows you to get an instant quote for your bespoke design and order it today. 

Fast lead times, unmatched customer support and decades of experience.

Your card will be made to the highest quality using the best tools and technology available.

Plastic Card Manufacturing

UK’s favoured end-to-end manufacturer. Operating state of the art litho offset, digital, and screen printing presses.

We can produce your perfect card, no matter whether a large or small requirement.

We work with everyone, from highly secure Government level schemes to independent businesses. Our quality is maintained to the highest standard.

Custom Printed

Our lanyard builder allows you to get an instant quote for your bespoke design and order it today. Fast lead times, unmatched customer support and decades of experience. Select your specification, confirm the quantity, receive a price and get your order processing today or save your quote for later.

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